Today we will talk about walleye fishing and a little bit about the walleye itself. The walleye is a northern lake fish that many anglers love to pursue. Some of the characteristics of the walleye include dark coloration and a spotted appearance. They have very sharp teeth as most predator fish do. Walleye have excellent eyesight even under low visibility situations. The best time to catch walleye seems to be during the early morning hours and at dusk. Walleye feed under choppy conditions and overcast low-pressure weather.

A couple of the baits a lot of anglers use for walleye include small minnow plugs, trolling baits, and jigs. Some of the most successful walleye baits that we have seen for catching this fish include nightcrawlers, minnows, and leeches. In the springtime, walleye will bite on just about anything due to the warming of the water, and at this time, their feeding habits increase dramatically. The opposite is true for this fish during the winter. In icy or colder conditions walleye become more dormant and not feed as much. Walleye tend to spend most of their time in the darker water, feeding all throughout the day.

Walleye can grow to be 25 pounds or larger. Some of the most successful walleye anglers will say that they use spinnerbaits predominantly. Others will tell you that they use live bait. Despite the difference in preference both have proven to be successful. This fish is known to eat just about anything it can get in its mouth, but they do prefer small fish and crustaceans. They tend to stay in the deeper water to avoid danger and other predators. However, they have been known to venture into shallow waters at times of feeding.

In conclusion, the walleye is an amazing game fish and should be on every angler’s list of fish to catch. The fight a walleye can put up is almost unmatched with any other fish of its similar size. For those who like to eat fish, the walleye is a great white and firm meat. It is best served fresh and cooked the day it is caught. The taste of walleye compares to bass, so if you enjoy eating bass, chances are very good that you will enjoy the walleye.