Catfish Chasers Tournament-Perry Lake Reservoir

close up of catfish swimming in waterPerry Lake will host the travelling Catfish Chasers Tournament this upcoming weekend. With tournaments throughout some of  the Midwest’s finest lakes the goal is to provide an atmosphere where like minded people can get together and enjoy a weekend of fishing. Kansas has some of the best catfishing around.  All skill levels are invited to participate where the goal is not about how much money you can win but the friendships that are forged as you learn to become a better fisherman all the while portraying a positive example of the fishing and how important it is to the continued conservation of our natural resources.

The rules for the tournament are straightforward and  designed to make sure everyone has a good time while remaining safe. All local and state laws and regulations must be followed including the wearing of personal flotation devices.  You can fish by yourself or with another person. A third individual may be on your team if they are under 16 or over 65.  To be counted fish must be alive when weighed and the maximum number of fish that can be weighed is five.  The rest of the rules can be found here.

A pre-entry form which can be found online must be sent in. There is a $125 entry fee. The weather is suppose to decent this weekend so get out and enjoy yourself and remember to have fun